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27 Nov 2017


There are two primary types of the compression socks available in the gradient, pharmacies which are designed to relieve impairments in the anti-embolism and incompetent leg vein valve and they are also designed for preventing the clotting of the blood formation in the people with mobility issues. The gradient stockings or socks which are woven in a fashion that allows for the levels to lessen as they ascend towards the upper portion of the thigh.  This type of the hose is often recommended for the person those who are prone to the swelling or blood pooling or edema in the feet, ankles and legs due to prolonged periods in the sustained laying or seating positions. These works well for those frequently taking the international flights, or worker for instance who sits at a desk all day and unable to elevate their feet or move about.

These stockings are also recommended to those who are without difficulty in moving and getting up around freely. The compression socks are devices often recommended by the qualified medical professionals and following are the some of the conditions in which the physician suggest to use this type of the socks. They are.

• Varicose veins – Veins that have become enlarged and allowing the flow the blood in the backward direction

• Deep vein thrombosis – Blood clotting this type of hose may also be prescribed for the person those who are prone to the blood clots as a preventative.

• Chronic peripheral venous insufficiency – The veins cannot pump the enough oxygen poor blood back to the heart.

• Lipodermatosclerosis – A form of the lower extremity inflammation under the epidermis layer of the skin.

Compression socks are available in wide range of the sizes, styles and colors where they blend ease into the surface of the skin making them indistinguishable from pant socks or typical hosiery. Visit here: for more information.

Treating varicose veins with the compression socks

If you are suffering from the varicose veins of any measure there are number of ways to approach your situation to help in improving your symptoms and allows the blood to move more efficiently. The first attempt is to treat the varicose veins is the use of the compression stockings which is better known as the compression socks or hoses where they have proven to be effective in treating the varicose veins and allows your leg to feel normal.

The compression socks can alleviate your legs from collecting the blood clots from car rides or long plane. Although they will not completely eliminate the varicose veins but the compression stockings will take care of the certain symptoms normally that are caused by the veins such as like aching, heaviness and swelling. These stockings are cheap and a simple way to treat the problem of varicose veins and the price of the socks range from $50 to $125 where the socks apply pressure around the ankle and go up the leg, allowing the blood to go back up the leg and towards the heart.


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